Duff Goldman Net Worth

Do you love baking cakes? If you do, then you must definitely be familiar with Duff Goldman, a great baker, and chef of all time. He is a Guinness Book of Record holder for having made the largest cupcake. He has been featured in a lot of shows over the years and competitions and continues to stun in his career with is unique work.

Early Life & Biography

Duff Goldman

Duff was born in Michigan; his family was Jewish. His nickname Duff came along through his baby brother Willie Goldman who at that time couldn’t pronounce Jeffrey and kept saying it as Duffy. His interest in cooking began at an early age because when he was four, his mother caught him watching Chef Tell who was a food personality

He attended McLean High school, and while in school, he played Ice Hockey for the Highlander team. He graduated in 1993 from Sandwich High School. He began to work in Kitchens at the age of 14.  His first job was at the store in a mall, and later, he was hired to make cornbread and biscuits at a restaurant.

He went to college at the University of Maryland I in Baltimore County, later attended the Culinary Institute of America and Corcoran College of Art. He worked at various Hotels returning to Washington DC, where he works at Todd English restaurant where he worked as a baker.

Personal Life

Goldman entered the Guinness Book of Record when he baked the largest cupcake on 30 March 2008. The cupcake weighed 27.9kg with a height of 305mm. This record-breaking pastry was made in support of the Great American Sale, and $10,000 was raised.

Duff currently stays in Los Angeles, California. He is a part of a band called Foigrock, where his role is playing bass. He has mentioned before his dream is to play bass for the Clutch band.

He competed and won a cooking challenge on Food Network. He also participated in Iron chef competition though he lost he made up to season 8 The 7th episode.

Duff is Jewish, and he is very actively involved in Tzedakah, which is a practice done with the Jews of performing philanthropic and charity acts in order to enhance their spirituality.

Goldman lost toes in a motorbike accident in 2012, even though he had vowed to quit he still rides them.


Goldman opened his own restaurant in 2002 called “Charm City Cakes.” He started the selling of cake business in Charles Village in Baltimore, Maryland, and he worked with two other assistants. The requests for his cake increased, and this led him to hire more employees who had no experience in pastry but had other skills like sculpting ad painting.

His cakes are unique, and their design and everything about them is just amazing, they use things like blowtorches, grinders, and drills to create support for their cakes. They have created a lot of cakes of their own kind with his employees; some of the cakes include Elvis, which is a cake in the form of a 3-foot sculpture, a smoking volcano, a replication of a CAT scan machine and many others.

He has also made cakes for celebrities such as   Tom Clancy, President Barrack Obama in 2013 during his second inaugural ball, and Katy Perry. Goldman, along with his brother Willie released a book in 2009 titled Ace of Cakes. These are some of the TV series that Goldman has been featured in Cake Masters, Duff till Down, Ace of Cakes, Holiday Baking Championship, Iron Chef America, Kids Baking Championship, and many others.

Awards & Achievements

Duff is a very successful Chef, especially in his baking business, he has even managed to enter the Guinness Book of Record by baking the largest cupcake.

Duff has been featured in a lot of Television show as a judge for baking coemptions and as a participant in which he won a cooking competition in Food Network.

Duff has also made cakes for lots of famous people, and the most highlighted one being former US president Barack Obama.

Net Worth & Salary of Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman Net Worth is estimated to be approximately $6 million as of May 2020. Most of his wealth is from his Chef’s work, especially baking. Duff has been baking cakes in his cake house “Charm City Cake” for a long time.

He has also been featured in a lot of television shows in various channels like the Food Network and others, which has also greatly contributed to his earnings, thus contributing greatly to his Net Worth.

Duff Goldman is definitely one of the greatest bakers of all time. His great work, creativity, and dedication to creating unique cakes have raised his career to great heights. His Net worth might raise in the future, given his talents and dedication I am very positive.


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