Duck Dynasty Net Worth

Duck Dynasty is an American reality television series which runs on the Robertson’s family business. The business is called the ‘Duck Commander’ which makes products for duck hunters. The Robertson men in the series are known for their long beards. Let’s find out more about how much is Duck Dynasty’s net worth.

Early Life

Duck Dynasty Net Worth

The series ‘Duck Dynasty’ started in March 2012 and so far has aired eleven seasons. The series is about the business family from Louisiana which focuses on their ‘Duck Commander’ business and is living the American dream, staying true to their family customs and ethics. Their main product is the ‘duck call,’ and the family is very much proud of their business.

The series basically focuses on the Robertson family who eats together, hunts together, and make their ‘duck calls’ together. When the series was aired in 2012, it gained a lot of popularity, breaking several records of the A&E production. It became one of the most-watched series across the country.

Before the production offered them a contract for their show, the big question was, what these bearded, rednecks know about appearing in the television series? But all the doubts were cleared when the first season of the show became hit, and the producers and directors were convinced about the Robertson Family’s onscreen performance. Because of the family’s culture, sometimes the series is sometimes put into the category of ‘rednecks television.’

In the show, the Robertson family speaks both the Southern accents and rural, who tromps through Louisiana’s backwoods and cook perilous holiday feast. The males in the house sometimes act like man-children and the wives are the one who keeps their ‘man-children’ husband in line.

The best thing about the Duck Dynasty family is the way they care for each other. The members of the family are religious, and they never take the name of their God in vain.

Early Stage

The business ‘Duck Commander’ was started by Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family. It was he who crafted the unique and effective ‘duck calls’ decades ago. He started a small business, but years later it was his third son, Willie, turned Phil’s small business into a multimillion-dollar industry. Both of them started a marketing strategy by shooting their own hunt and distributing it through various media.

Phil and Willie are the main guys who handle the Robertson family business. Jase and Jep (Willie’s brothers) are the ones who help them with their business and throwing large dinner parties. Kay Robertson is the matriarch of the family and wives of Willie, Jase, and Jep are the ones who help to keep the sanity in the house.

Marsha Kay or Miss Kay married Phil Robertson when she was just fifteen years old, and the couple is married for almost fifty-one years. Together the couple has four kids, and Miss Kay loves cooking.

Their third son, Willie Robertson is currently the CEO of ‘Duck Commander’ and has a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Performance from NE Louisiana University. He is married to Korie Robertson, and together the couple has six children.

Jason “Jase” Robertson is the second son of Phil and Miss Kay. He is in charge of the manufacturing department of ‘Duck Commander.’ Jase is hardworking, and he is often seen making the ‘duck calls’ with the other workers. He is married to Missy Robertson, and the couple together has three kids.

Jules Jeptha “Jep” Robertson is the youngest son of Miss Kay and Phil Robertson. He is into the marketing and shooting videos of the hunt and editing the tapes. He is married to Jessica Robertson, and the couple together has five children. The couple also has a spin-off series called ‘Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty.’

Marshal ‘Alan’ Robertson is the eldest son of Phil and Miss Kay. Alan never had any interest in the family business. He left the business long back and became a preacher. He joined the show in the fourth season in order to spread the word of God. He is the only male person in the family without a beard and is married to Lisa Robertson.

Phil Robertson also has a brother named Silas “Si” Robertson, who is a Vietnam War veteran. He also works for the ‘Duck Commander’ and is known for telling the storyline. He is married to Christine Robertson, and the couple together has two kids.

Awards & Achievements

Duck Dynasty became an instant hit across the country when the show was first aired in 2012. One of the biggest achievements for the show would be winning the ‘Critics Choice Television Award’ for the best reality show. They have also won the ‘People’s Telly Award.’

Net Worth of Duck Dynasty

The estimated net worth of Duck Dynasty is approximately $400 million. Their tremendous net worth is the result of their family business and their contribution to the world of reality series.

Being multimillionaires, Robertson’s are very down to earth people. The family works together to expand the business, but their main objective is to keep the family together. It might not be the perfect show but there is humor, mildly rough language and as for violence, their business is based on the products that kill ducks.


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