Dong Nguyen Net Worth

Dong Nguyen is a game developer and a programmer, who is best recognized for being a developer of the famous mobile game “Flappy Bird”. This ultimately rooted in countless more games post its exclusion during the year 2014. Moreover, this game developer functions for the company.GEARS (i.e. dotGears) studios, specifying in creating simple retro pixelated kind of games when matched to complex games. Let’s find out more about how much is Dong Nguyen’s net worth.

Early Life

Dong Nguyen Net Worth

Dong Nguyen was born in Vietnam, and his upbringing was done in Vạn Phúc, identified as a township adjoining to Hanoi. He was conveyed to his passion for video games post-playing Super Mario Bros during this time he was a child and began coding on his own at the age of 16 years.

At the age of 19 years, while learning programming within a local university, this game developer has got an internship in Punch Entertainment, identified as one among the restricted video game based organizations within Vietnam.

During the time he was using iPhone, he felt that its greatest famous games such as Angry Birds were complicated, and thought to develop an easier type of game for common people.


Dong Nguyen started off his career by initially developing some small-scale applications and working for its programming. Moreover, the praise for the development of the Flappy Bird game relates to Dong Nguyen. This is because he is the person who has worked for its development just in a period of two to three days.

The bird character of the game, entitled Faby was earlier designed through the year 2012 meant for one invalid platform game. Corresponding gameplay was inspired through the performance of bouncing one ping pong ball featured against one paddle for as long as possible.

During the time it was developed, the game was simpler as compared to what it transformed within its last version, although Nguyen mentioned that he found out the version to be dull and post hardened up the trouble.

Besides that, Nguyen assumes that recent Western games are much complex. The game is mainly a mobile game developed through the effort of Vietnamese centered video game artist and also a programmer, under the leadership of his game development organization known as dotGEARS.

Awards & Achievements

Dong Nguyen’s achievement in developing the Flappy Bird game and the game was downloaded higher than 50 million times. Also, this game was rated higher than 90,000 times throughout its life of around nine months.

Net Worth of Dong Nguyen

Dong Nguyen has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He makes his fortune from his career as a developer as well as a programmer.

In the present day, some game developers worked to develop games that received great success, and also they got positioned within the hall of fame viz. Tetris or Candy Crush; however there is at present no game that has received so much attention the way Flappy Bird got.

Besides, the game may ring the bell to some people, and also it may start horrifying as well as upsetting memories due to its addiction. But, this personality- Nguyen developed in it just a few hours and also he has collected great money out of it.

The developer has worked to develop the game which was downloaded higher than 50 million times and also it got rated higher than 90,000 times within its life of nine months. This made it one of the supreme addicting games in recent memory.

Other than this, the developer became successful in collecting net worth of millions through developing other such applications and games as he possesses related skills.

The field of game development demands continuous up-gradation of knowledge and trends, but Dong Nguyen has succeeded by applying his programming skills and related knowledge. In the present time, countless game developers are emerging, but Dong Nguyen has made supreme place through his unique talents.


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