David Portnoy Net Worth

David Portnoy is a multi-talented personality who is a blogger podcast host and also a businessman of American nationality. The famous lifestyle and satirical blog for men, Barstool Sports was founded by David Portnoy. Let’s find out David Portnoy’s net worth

Early life

David Portnoy Net Worth

David Portnoy was born in 1977 in Massachusetts, Swampscott. He is the son of Michael and Linda Portnoy. David is known as the El Presidente or El Pres. He is from the Swampscott High school and belongs from the batch of 1995. Todd McShay who belongs from ESPN was his classmate. After finishing with his high school education David then enrolled at the University of Michigan in the year 1995. He did his graduation in education from the university. He is also known as Davey Pageviews. David is Jewish. He had been married to Renee Satherthwaite since 2009 but later in 2017, he declared that he is separated from his wife. In the year 2013, David Portnoy was running for the post of mayor of Boston. Portnoy started living in Boston in 1999. Here he started working as an IT market research personnel for Yankee group. David is also a writer and he has his own blog. In the year 2015, and David along with three other Barstool men were arrested in New York City.


After working as an IT market research professional, David left Yankee Group and invented Barstool Sports. In the year 2016 on January, it was confirmed that the Chernin group made purchase of the majority of the Barstool sports stock. After this deal was made, the headquarters of the Barstool Sports was moved to New York City. David Portnoy is still running the site and also maintaining the creative quality of the content.

When Thomas Menino retired David ran for the Mayor of Boston in the year 2013 but he was unsuccessful. He was able to raise an amount of $ 16,000 for campaign contributions he still failed because of lack of nomination signatures. David also loves writing as he manages the blog site of Barstool Sports. This blog is available in different cities that include Iowa, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City and Washington. Various merchandises and also concert tickets are available on the blog. When David was new in the business world and was just starting off with Barstool he got support from online and also by PartyPoker.

Awards and achievements

David Portnoy is one of the most sought-after names in the sports world. He is the founder of the Barstool Sports. He is also a director and writer of The Barstool Rundown, Live from Houston. He is also the producer of this show. He is also part of certain shows like Tucker Carlson tonight, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Inside edition, Watter’s world, Rome, and Sports Center.

The net worth of David Portnoy

The net worth of David Portnoy is estimated to be around $13.5 million. He is the founder and currently the general manager of Barstool Sports. El Presidente is the name that is given to him, is considered to be very popular.

David Portnoy is a very famous sports personality who is the founder of the famous sports network known as Barstool sports. This channel is a very sparky sports channel which is concerned with sports coverage and features beautiful ladies who increase the attraction level of the network. David is also a writer and has his own blog. He was married since 2009 to Renee but later in 2017 they became separated. He has a huge fan following in social media.


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