David Gardner Net Worth

David Gardner is an established and entrenched businessman and a remarkable entrepreneur in the United States. He is one of the crafty mason of the well known financial-service providing corporation named, ‘The Motley Fool’. Gardner is one of the three co-founders along with the other three founders as ‘Tom Gardner’, ‘Erik Rydholm, and lastly ‘David Berger’. It is basically a financial service company widely implemented by the investors. The headquarters of the same is situated in Virginia. The company solely came to an establishment in the year 1993 and since then it is running successfully with an incredible growth in the market. Therefore, let’s find out more about how much Davis Gardner’s net wort.

Early Life

David Gardner Net Worth

David Gardner was born on 16 May 1966 in Washington, US and thus he is born with an American nationality. Not much is known about David Gardner’s parents. But on the other hand, David has grown up with his sibling Tom Gardner who is also the co-founder of the financial-service providing corporation, ‘The Motley Fool’. David did his schooling from the ‘Saint Albans School’. Later, David did his high schooling from the ‘St Mark’s School’. In 1988, David completed his graduation from the ‘University of North Carolina’ on a scholarship merit basis.


David started his career by being an independent newsletter writer for the well-known and extremely popular American Journalist as well as a columnist ‘Louis Richard Rukeyser’ in the United States. He had worked for this columnist since long before he got the chance to collaborate with the financial service providing corporation ‘Motley Fool’.

A few years later, David got a major breakthrough in his career while he was serving as a lead advisor for the ‘Motley Fool Rule Breakers Advisory Service’.

Apart from being a lead adviser he also started to work with his sibling Tom Gardner simultaneously. Here, Tom and his brother David succor as co-lead of ‘Motley Fool Stock Advisor’. Both of them jointly handle all the company’s premium subscription efficaciously. The duo is highly knowledgeable and their skill power worked for long-term stock growth for the company and the company has also earned significant growth from the stock shares of other companies like Netflix, Amazon, America Online, and various others.

Sometimes later, David solely developed and fabricated the ‘Motley Fool CAPS’ which basically works as a website that concentrates on the ‘Motley Fool Community’.

Currently, the financial-service providing corporation has lofted a new feature of an online bulletin which is named as ‘Supernova’. It provides complete access to David Gardner’s more than 150 stock pick. The 150 stock pick is categorized into two different categories that is – one in the form of ‘Odyssey’ which solely indicates aggressive investor and the other is ‘Phoenix’ which solely indicates people who are very much near to retirement plan and schemes.

Awards and Achievements

One of David’s greatest achievement is when he co-founded the financial-service company ‘The Motley Fool’ from just being an only lead advisor.

David Gardner also solely and independently launched an advanced web page, which is named as ‘Motley Fool CAPS’.

Net Worth of David Gardner

David Gardner has keen knowledge and skill power about the financial stock exchange in the market where he became an established lead advisor in this field of work. Therefore, the total net worth of David Gardner is about $20 million approximately.

David has been into this profession since long where he has created a massive growth for the company with utmost hard work and dedication. Over the years of absolute labor, David has set a new benchmark for the company and also for the company’s employee. Undoubtedly, David has made a significant amount of fortune which is highly noteworthy and praiseworthy as well.


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