David Beador Net Worth

David Beador is a successful American businessman. He owns a construction company which he inherited after his father’s death. Here’s a quick summary of David’s net worth.

Early Life

David Beador Net Worth

David Beador was born in 1964 in USA. He founded the construction company, “Beador Construction Inc” with his father in 1996 and got its full ownership after the death of his father. David is married to Shanon Beador who is one among the newest cast members of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” (RHOC). RHOC is an American TV series that was launched on 21 March 2006 on “Bravo” network. Till date it has aired 12 seasons. Shanon Beador took part in it in the 11th season and in no time she became an overnight celebrity. David and Shanon have three daghters: Sophie (12 years) and two twins Stella and Adeline (9 years each).


“Beador Construction Inc”: the company which was founded by David Beador and his father was initially a small construction company. It is said that when it was founded, it had only 80 employees and generated a revenue of $13 million per annum. But after David’s father died and David got full control over it, the company spread in its full swing. Today, this company’s construction ranges from building small single family houses to streets, bridges and highways.

Despite being the owner of such big firm, David was not known much. However, when his wife Shanon appeared on Bravo network’s TV series, “The Real Housewives of Orange County” in its eleventh season and became a celebrity, David too became a well-known personality along with her. In the recent past, the relationship between David and Shanon had not been good, as David had been allegedly indulging in an extra marital affair with the wife of one of his business friends behind Shanon’s back.

The truth could not be hidden for long and David got caught red handed by Shanon. When this news was known to the husband of the woman he was dating, David lost his business ties with him. As for now, David with his wife and daughters are living happily in the Bonita Canyon area of Newport Beach without thinking much about their dark past.

Awards and Achievements

David Beador is known to have a great business mind. The small company founded by him and his father was handed over to him after his father died, but he alone with his mind extended the business to bigger projects. This jump was not so easy and involved high financial risks, but David had confidence in himself and so he did it.

Net Worth of David Beador’s

The total estimated net worth of David Beador is a considerable $25 million. His annual salary is estimated to be $1 million. This huge net worth of David includes his super luxurious house in the Newport Beach city of California in which he currently resides with his family.

David Beador is a person known for his talent as well as for his fortune. With his talent, he spread his father’s business and today he is the owner of a huge wealth. However, his fortune favoured him when he married Shanon: the 11th season cast member of RHOC. Despite his huge wealth, he could have never been known by world, if he would not have married her. Past controversies did, to an extent, malign his career and personal life, but by the looks of it the Beador family has buried the dark past and is trying its best to move towards a better future. We hope that they succeed.


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