Chief Keef Net Worth

Chief Keef also is known by the birth name Keith Cozart is among the popular American rappers hailing from the state of Illinois Chicago. Many view him as the black Justin Bieber who is spearheading the young generation of Chicago rappers. He was once a subject of bidding wars among labels every one looking to sign him up. So, who is this Chief Keef and how has he amassed such a net worth figure. Let’s find out more about how much is Chief Keef’s net worth.

Early Life

Chief Keef Net Worth

Born in 1995 in the state of Chicago and given the name Keith Cozart by his mother Chief Keef grew up in Parkway Garden Homes. He grew up not knowing his father and the mother wasn’t much there for him which forced his grandmother to be his guardian.

He went to Dulles elementary school then banner school before dropping out in Dyett High school.

He started rapping at a very young age and in most cases, he would use his mother’s blank tapes to record his music. Chief Keef hasn’t married anyone yet, but he has around three children although there might be a fourth one that is yet to confirm. Currently, he resides in Los Angeles.


After releasing The Glory Road and Bang mixtape in 2011 and posting some videos of the mixtape on YouTube, he caught the attention of a fellow Chicago based rapper Kanye West. Kanye went ahead to remix one of Chief Keef songs, and that led to more spotlight for Chief Keef.

Around 2012 Chief Keef became very popular and as a result, a bidding war began across many labels, but he finally agreed to Interscope Records deal. The deal with Interscope Records was worth around $6 million. His debut studio album was released in 2012 titled Finally Rich. The album had a guest such as Lil Reese, Young Jeezy, and even rappers such as 50 Cent and Rick Ross. In 2013 he released a mixtape Bang Pt 2. And Almighty Sosa.

In 2014 things were not so good for Chief Keef as many of his promised mixtapes and studio albums such as Bang 3 did not materialize, and even Interscope Records dropped him. However, he managed to release Big Gucci Sosa mixtape and Back From the Dead 2, an album titled Nobody and Sorry 4 the Weight mixtape in 2015.

In 2016 Chief announced his retirement as a rapper but in 2017 he released Two Zero One Seven mixtape making his initial claim null and void.

Awards & Achievements

Not so much that Chief Keef has done to warrant him international recognition and get awarded for his work. However, he is an artist to watch in the coming years if at all he can keep up with producing music.

Net Worth of Chief Keef

Chief Keef’s net worth has been estimated to be $2.5 million. Most of his net worth figures have been summed up through the cash he got from Interscope Records deal and also endorsements, music sales, tours, and sponsorship deals.

Chief Keef net worth of $2.5 million but be highly exaggerated considering he has been sued for child support lack of rent payments and other suits he hasn’t paid yet. If only he could take music seriously, I bet he would have achieved more since he is talented just don’t know what happened along the way.


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