Blue Ivy Net Worth

Blue Ivy Carter is the cute adorable daughter of singer Beyonce and Hip-hop artist and rapper Jay-Z. On the stage of MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce announced that she was pregnant. Blue Ivy started making records and headlines even before she was born. Now let’s have a close look at Blue Ivy’s net worth.

Early Life

Blue Ivy Net Worth

She was born at the Lenox Hospital, New York on 7th January 2012. She is the firstborn child of music icons, Beyonce, and Jay-Z. Right from the announcement of her birth, she became famous. She has her own fan followers. She is one of the most celebrated kids in Hollywood. She is a fashion icon. She makes headlines by appearing alongside her celebrity parents. She creates her own fashion statements. Her girly fashion is always fresh.

Sometimes she is even compared to her mother, style icon Beyonce. She is the favorite of the paparazzo. When she was four years old, she waved her hands to reporters and said’ No Pictures.’ Since her name is very unusual, many theories were made over her unique name. Her name sounds like an event company. There is an event company exists of that same name.


She recently appeared at the Grammy Awards of 2017. She paid tribute to Prince. She said that Prince is her fashion icon. At the performance, she was wearing a pink suit with a white shirt underneath. The media went frenzy due to her cute adorable looks. She was very enthusiastic during the show.

When she was 19 months old, she started touring with her mother. She is an amazing dancer too, just like her diva mother. A video was published of Blue Ivy’s Ballet recital recently, and she was a true standout. She was dancing in “September.” She appeared in the music video of the song ‘Glory,’ a hit single by Jay-Z. She has a huge amount of followers on Instagram, 106,000. She lo0ves taking pictures with her mom, it seems like little Blue have already acquired the technique of facing the camera. She loves to match her dress with her mama.

She appeared on her mother’s music video too. In the song ‘Blue’ by Bey, her cute little daughter’s voice was heard, and in Jay-Z’s song Legacy, her voice was also heard. She was asking “Daddy, what’s a will?”. Her mother is planning to launch a beauty line under Blue Ivy’s name.

Awards & achievements:

The little diva has not got any awards yet because her career is just getting started.

The net worth of Blue Ivy:

She is now just getting ready to walk on the path of her mother. The combined net worth of her parents is $1 billion. She is enjoying her childhood in a way that most of us can only dream of.

Not only her parents are megastars but also her aunt Solange Knowles is a famous singer. Her aunt Bianca is a television actress. Her grandmother is a fashion designer and stylist. Her grandma founded ‘House of Dereon.’ Her grandpa, Mathew Knowles is a businessman. She has twin brothers, Sir Carter and Rumi Carter. She loves being a big sister, and she also feels very proud of it. She is just six now. In the future, she will definitely become one of the coolest teenagers.


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