Blanket Jackson Net Worth

Blanket Jackson is the youngest son of the music sensation, Michael Jackson. He was born in the year 2002 on 21st February and is of American origin. Let’s check out the net worth of this immensely rich dad’s offspring.

Early life

Blanket Jackson Net Worth

In the year 2002, the youngest child Of Michael Jackson was born in California, San Diego. He was born as a surrogate child to the couple Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe. Nothing has been revealed regarding his birth mother. He was named Prince Michael Jackson the second. In the year 2015, he changed his name to Bigi Jackson. After his father died in the year 2009, his grandmother, Katherine Jackson became his legal guardian. The blanket has two siblings, Paris Jackson, and Michael Joseph. He is currently studying at a private school in California. Before attending this private school, Prince was homeschooled when he used to live in Neverland Ranch with his father. There has been news that the guardianship of Blanket Jackson is transferred from his grandmother to his sibling now. Katherine Jackson has appealed on letting go of her guardianship of Blanket Jackson since she thinks there is no need of being a guardian of a 15 years old boy. And also because Katherine is now 87 which is another reason for her stepping down as his guardian. Presently, TJ Jackson is appointed as the guardian of Blanket Jackson who is his cousin. But it is not known if the court has given permission or not. All of the Jackson siblings are very close to each other.


When Blanket Jackson was 9 months old he was dangled by his father, Michael Jackson over the edge of the balcony. This incident happened in 2002 at the Adlon hotel in Berlin. He was there for the lifetime Bambi entertainment awards. Michael made sure that no one could see his son’s face. After his father died, Blanket Jackson faced many problems and he faced depression for a certain amount of time. He was one of his siblings who had the hardest time adjusting to his father’s death. Often claims have been made that Blanket Jackson is the only biological son of Michael Jackson but no confirmation has been made.

Debbie Rowe, who is the mother of his elder siblings, Paris Michael Katherine and Michael Joseph Prince Jackson made a public declaration about not being Prince’s biological mother. After recovering from all these issues, he is now doing well in his life while focusing on sports and grades. He now goes to Buckley school in Sherman Oaks which is situated in California. After being bullied for his name for several years, he finally changed his name to Bigi. He has been out of media spotlight but in the year 2009, he spoke to his father’s fans at his funeral along with his other two siblings. Again in the year 2010, he and his siblings accepted a posthumous lifetime achievement awards for their father, Michael Jackson at the Grammy awards.

Awards and achievements

Bigi Jackson has a YouTube channel that has several numbers of followers. He is a huge star on Instagram and also on Twitter.

The net worth of Blanket Jackson

The net worth of this star is estimated to be $105 million. Michael Jackson has left $33 million for each of his three children.

Blanket Jackson or currently known as Bigi Jackson is the youngest son of pop star Michael Jackson. He has two other siblings, Paris Jackson, and Michael Joseph Jackson. He was very much adored by his father and his death has an immense effect on him.


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