Big Meech Net Worth

Big Meech is a member of the most famous black mafia family. He runs this drug trafficking business along with his brother, who is known as Southwest T. Big Meech and his brother build this drug business from the 1980s to 2005. The black mafia family’s main business was to supply drugs all over the country. While pursuing on spreading his drug trafficking business around the world, Big Meech also owned his recording label called BMF Entertainment.

In 2005, Demetrius and Terry Flenory were arrested and sentenced to 30 years in prison by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Let’s find out how much is Big Meech’s net worth.

Early Life

Big Meech Net Worth

Demetrius Edward Flenory famously known as Big Meech was born on June 21, 1968, in Detroit, Michigan. He has one brother and a sister. During his childhood, he faced many difficulties. In an interview, Demetrius mentioned that, while growing up they were not financially strong. He and his siblings grew up in a church of Detroit. They don’t even have money for their regular meals, so they were dependent on the WIC program box of food for their meals. In his family, there was no one who had drinking or drug habits.

During his high school, their family’s financial condition became worth, so Demetrius and his brother choose the wrong way to earn money. He and his brother started selling cocaine worth $50 bags on the streets of Detroit. After that day by day, year by year they became the biggest name in the drug dealing business.

Demetrius was linked up with many leading ladies. He was previously in a relationship with Sabrina, but eventfully they broke up. During an interview, Janell mentioned that she was engaged to Big Meech. Big Meech also has a son from his girlfriend who is popularly known as Lil Meech.


Black Mafia Family was known as one of the biggest drugs trafficking organization, which was initially started from the streets of Detroit Michigan. BMF was founded by brothers Big Meech and Southwest T in 1980. By the year 2000, their cocaine distribution business was running all over the United States. They ran this business of drug dealing very professionally. They have established two main centers for this business. The main hub which was in Atlanta, Georgia was handled by Demetrius and their second center Los Angeles, California was handled by Terry. Their Los Angeles, California center was mainly established to receive shipments from Mexico.

His business was very widespread all across the nations from Los Angeles, California to Atlanta, Georgia. In 2001, due to their incomparability with each other, they took their separate ways. Where Terry moved to Los Angeles with his girlfriend and Demetrius, choose to stay in Atlanta.

In 2005, there was a huge drug raid planned by the U.S. Department of Treasury. During this raid near about 30 members of BMF were arrested included Big Meech and his brother Terry. The DEA also found $3 million cash, 2.5 kilograms of cocaine and many unlicensed weapons. After complete investigation by DEA Big Meech and brother were sentenced of 30 years in prison.

The BMF Entertainment

Big Meech also tried his luck in the hip-hop music business. He started his own recording company called BMF Entertainment. The BMF Entertainment helped many hip-hop artists included Fabolous, Young Jeezy and Bleu DaVinci to gained reorganization in the music industry. Apart from them, Flenory brothers were also connected with many famous hip-hop artists like Fabolous, Trina, Shawty Lo, E40 and many more. The famous album by Bleu Da Vinci named World Is BMF was the greatest hit and was nominated for Source Award. BMF appeared in many hip-hop DVD magazines.

Net Worth of Big Meech

Big Meech’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million. His main source of income is his earning from drug trafficking business. He is known to be the biggest name in the world of the drug mafia. Apart from the drug business, BMF was also involved in other business like hip-hop music business and Big Meech clothing brand, which also added to his net worth.

All, though he was indulged in all wrongdoings, but the homeless and poor people considered him the Robin Hood in real life as he used to help them a lot. He has also helped many struggling artists in their carrier. As Big Meech is serving his sentence in the jail and his sentenced is scheduled to the over in the year 2023.


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