Ben Pasternak Net Worth

Ben Pasternak is a very young entrepreneur who began his career in Australia. He created American Technology and an app Monkey. It got acquired in the year 2017 on December by Holla Inc. He started his profession while he is studying his high school studies in Sydney. He started first by creating two iOS games. The games were named ‘Impossible Rush’ and ‘Impossible dial.’ Here is a quick summary of Ben Pasternak’s net worth.

Early Life

Ben Pasternak Net Worth

Ben was born in the year 1999 on September 6th. His birthplace was in Sydney. His mother is named Anna Pasternak, and his father is Mark Pasternak. He spent his childhood in Vaucluse, New South Wales. He is a Jewish. He never completed his high school studies. He dropped out of high school when he reached his tenth grade. He attended Moriah College and Reddam House in Bondi.

Ben was able to complete his first application, Impossible Rush. He had no interest in science classes, and he preferred to end the boredom by coding the app. He later finished another app by the name ‘Impossible Dial’ that went to have very many downloads on various platforms that it was available. The app was huge hits that they did trend in different countries.


When Ben turned fourteen years old, he did develop Impossible design Rush. What encouraged him to continue with the development of the applications was the boredom that he felt while in class. He consulted a friend that he found online by the name of Austin Valleskey, who was an iOS engineer based in Chicago. Together, they were able to build the app in a limited time. After completing developing the app, they did sell the app to Carlos Fajardo who did launch the game on their behalf. This game received an excellent response. It got millions of downloads.

This app got position 16 on the US App Store (iOS) top charts. After a certain period, Ben went ahead and was able t release another game ‘Impossible Rush.’ This majorly was a continuation of his first app. This game got developed with the help of $Tamir Triguboff. This game got to make sales of over $ 85,000. The game attained position 31 on the US App Store (iOS). Ben success attracted Venture capital firm Binary Capital. Binary Capital they decided to aid in the development of Flogg. Other partners came along including Greylock Partners. When he got the funding, he left school and decided to live in Manhattan. Flogg is an app that enables young people to be able to transact. He has been able to develop Monkey that got founded in 2016, and it is mainly an app that enables people to video chat.

Awards and Achievements

Ben has been as the youngest person to ever get awarded a round of venture capital in technology. He was only fifteen years old when he did receive the Award. The Fortune Magazine has described him as a very young innovative teen, who is revolutionising the world. Ben has been listed in Crain’s New York Business Magazine ’20 Under 20’. He got listed by the TIME Magazine’s Most Influential Teens of 2016.

Net worth of Ben Pasternak

Ben has a net worth of over $4 million. This money has come from various applications that he has been able to develop. The two apps that have majorly contributed to his net worth is Impossible Rush and Impossible dial. Monkey app has that got launched in 2016 is currently doing well in the market. His net worth is expected to rise in the coming years. This young teen money is usually controlled by his parents and manager to ensure he never wastes it.

To ensure that he continues to maintain his teenage life, he continues to pay a visit to several of his friends. He has kept his eyes focused on developing more soft wares. His talents and skills have seen him get awarded various awards. He currently manages a team of seven employees with eldest being thirty years old


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