Amy Lee Net Worth

Amy Lee is one of the famous American female musicians. She is the lead vocalist and the co-founder of the band Evanescence. She is also a songwriter and a music producer. She is a multi-instrumentalist too. Now let’s have a close look on Amy Lee’s net worth.

Early Life

Amy Lee Net Worth

Amy Lee was born in 1981 on 13th December. She was born in Riverside, California. Her father John Lee was a Disc Jockey. She has two sisters, Lori and Carrie. She also had a younger sister who died at the age of three due to some illness. She also had a brother who died early. Lee took Classic piano lessons for nine years.

Amy’s family moved to many places like Florida, West Palm Beach, Rockford, but they finally settled down in Little Rock. She went to Pulaski Academy. It was a privet school. She graduated from there in 2000. To study music theory and composition she attended Middle Tennessee State University but she had to drop out to focus on the band.


The first song she wrote at the age of 11 was “Eternity of the Remorse”. Lee, along with the guitarist Ben Moody founded the rock band Evanescence in the Little Rock. They used to play as a pair in the coffee houses and book stores. They recorded evanescence EP in 1998 and Sound asleep EP in 1999.

The debut album fallen was an instant hit. From there the band never had to look behind. Lee released some solo albums of her. In 2013 she teamed up with Dave Eggar and together they made some great music including music for war Story. Dave composed the album Aftermath.

Awards and achievements:

She received Kerrang Award for the sexiest female in 2007. In 2008 she got Songwriter icon award from National Music Publishers Association. In 2012 she won Revolver Golden Gods Award in the category Best Vocalist. She is in the 49th position on VH1’s Top 100 Greatest women in music.

In 2012 Loudwire Music Awards awarded her with the title Rock Goddess of the Year. The next year she won Hottest Woman award from NME Awards. For “Dream Too Much” she won Family choice awards and Parents’ Choice Awards.

Net worth of Amy Lee

The estimated net worth of this hot female rock star is $12 million. Most of her net worth comes from her works as a lead vocalist of the famous rock band Evanescence. She is the original member of the band. She also released some solo albums and worked on movie scores. She is a music producer also.

She was in a relationship with the lead singer of the band Seether, Shaun Morgan for three years. He was a drug addict. She even wrote a song for him “call me when you’re sober”. In 2007 she again announced her engagement. On, she confirmed that her long-time friend, a therapist Josh Hartzler proposed to her.

In an interview later she confessed that the songs “Bring me to Life”, “Good Enough” were inspired by Josh. They got married on 6th May in 2007. Together they have a son, Jack Lion Hartzler. He was born in 2014.


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