Aaron Krause Net Worth

Aaron Krause is an American based entrepreneur, who is best recognized for being a founder of Scrub Daddy. It is known that Scrub Daddy is known to be a company that manufactures sponge and him along with Shark Tank transformed it into a multi-millionaire company. Now let’s have a close look at Aaron Krause’s net worth.

Early Life

Aaron Krause Net Worth

Aaron Krause had always had a chin for invention and also being a child, he would be busy continually discovering in his room, the majority to the annoyance of his family. Consequently, a show such as Shark Tank facilitated as the perfect platform for him to depict his abilities.


Aaron Krause started off his career by making buffing pads for cars; serving along with the chemicals within the factory would frequently let his hands become greasy and scrubby. He therefore originally started to frame the idea of the Scrub Daddy loofas for cleaning hands usages.

Moreover, after toying around by the use of many diverse materials, he discovered a suitable combination for that. He has come up with the concept behind ‘Scrub Daddy’ in the weirdest way as above.

It is known that Scrub Daddy is essentially a company that was established in the year 2008 by Krause as well as a business mogul named Lori Greiner after the latter capitalized in it in season four of the well-known reality show entitled ‘Shark Tank.’

This company works to sell smiley-faced type dishwashing sponges which alter its texture as well as feel reliant on the water temperature. Moreover, the features of that sponge are that it is basically scratch-free as well as odor-resistant, and dishwasher-safe too. It is found that sponge turns hard in cold water as well as turns soft in warm.

During his time of participation in the fourth season of Shark Tank, this celebrity did not identify if his product was sufficiently strong to vend to the depositors.

However the tides were transformed in his favor as well as known o be one of the ‘Sharks,’ Lori Greiner, too named as ‘The Queen of QVC,’ perceived potential in his product as well as created an agreement of $200,000 for return for 20 percent equity.

Lori even assisted him to develop his product brand by conveying Scrub Daddy to QVC and stores such as Walmart and Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, wherein they have turned as best-sellers.

After being asked regarding co-partnering Scrub Daddy along with Greiner, Krause has stated that they aim to have this in all supermarkets, drug store chains as well as leading retailers in the nation as well as the world.

He has stated that he was already approached by around 20 countries since “Shark Tank” broadcasted.

Awards & Achievements:

Aaron Krause’s greatest achievement to date is being a founder of Scrub Daddy. This company facilitated him to earn excellently as an entrepreneur. Another great achievement is an appearance in a reality show entitled ‘Shark Tank.’

Net Worth of Aaron Krause:

Aaron Krause has an estimated net worth of $60 million. He makes his fortune from being a founder of Scrub Daddy Inc. Moreover, the records mention that by the start of 2017, the company had recorded revenue of more than $100 Million.

It is found that the price of production is about $1 Million. He also earned by appearing in a reality show entitled ‘Shark Tank.’ Therefore, all such endeavors boosted his net worth.

Aaron Krause is one of the successful entrepreneurs who has carved a niche in his career by founding a company none other than Scrub Daddy. He is acknowledged as not only an entrepreneur but even a consultant. He operates a factory 24 hours per day.

Moreover, he travels regularly all over the world to support his business. He focuses on the necessity to make your product sole and to sell it the appropriate manner.


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