Top 10 Wrestlers Who’ve Tried MMA

Those who wrestle get criticised a hell of a lot by MMA competitors. Wrestling – well, wrestling entertainment – is just that, it’s entertainment. Matches are worked, scripted, and although most of the wrestlers out there still know how to make things look very realistic, put on top performances, it’s still not the real thing. MMA competitors on the other hand, know what it means to get pummelled, and dish out a beating. What these guys do in the octagon is very real, hence they get a whole heap of respect, have earnt a tremendous fan following over the years as the industry’s just continued to grow. It’s grown so much, has become so popular, that even professional wrestlers have stepped over to the octagon, have tried their hands at MMA, with varying degrees of success. They have a thirst for the real action, and some have actually become pretty prominent figures in the world of MMA. These are 10 professional wrestlers who have also tried MMA:

10. Kid Kash

Since ECW days, Kid Kash has been struggling to make an impact. He recently retired, which is just as well, because in the latter part of his career, he was way past his best. Whilst working with European wrestling promotions, Kid Kash got into MMA. He fought once, but executed a load of illegal moves, was docked points, and subsequently lost. That was that for Kid Kash in the world of MMA.

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