Top 10 Super Sexiest News Reporters

I guess you might be a popular fan of news, or to be precise, a popular fan of a news reporter. Well, there are 100’s, and 1000’sof pretty, cute, well body-shaped, super sexy news reporters out there, but among all, we’ve listed the top 10 Super Sexiest reporters whose status as at now has gone viral, and they are doing pretty well in the industry. Oh! heads-up, the lists are damn super electrying,and we believe you will definitely be a fan of them all, or if not all, at least 70%. Albeit, feel free to say your preferred super sexiest news eporter in the comment section.

1. Kavitta Channe


Taking this spot is Miss Channe, A London native with ancestry from India and Greece. She is the most attractive reporter for Fox Sports. Channe received a Bachelor of Science in Journalism & Telecommunications with a specialty in Business. She has been seen as herself on the Fox Television Show, Paradise Hotel and has been a featured correspondent on Designing Spaces installments including Kid Spaces and Beauty Spaces.