Top 10 Social Media Fitness Personalities

Nowadays, with this whole social media craze, if you’re in the fitness world, you don’t have to be a professional athlete in order to make it big. With the dawn of social media, marketing yourself as a fitness personality and gaining a huge fan following is a piece of cake, something all of these ten individuals have achieved. They’re massive names in the world of health and fitness, and it’s all because of their YouTube vids, the messages they Tweet, and the Instagram pics they post. They know how to attract fans, people flock to them, and consequently they’re some of the biggest fitness personalities around.

10. Heba Ali

Heba Ali - Social Media Fitness Personalities

Heba is undoubtedly one of the most popular fitness personalities out there. She started a revolution with her methods of hybrid training – doesn’t just do the conventional stuff, but pushes boundaries, making workouts fun and exciting. She herself partakes in such training methods, and as a result of her training, and the results, everything of which is posted on Instagram, her social media pages are buzzing with hundreds of thousands of followers. Of course, it helps that she’s super-hot; Heba’s hot, has an amazing physique, and is one of the top fitness personalities out there on social media at the moment.

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