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Top 10 Under-Rated Songs By Coldplay

Coldplay is definitely one of the biggest names in the music industry presently with Brit singer and lead vocalist Chris Martins and his band of boys, deemed one of the most listened to bands of today!

This British band has a huge repertoire of songs which have garnered immense critical acclaim from all sections of audiences with millions of downloads by the day. With Martin’s stating that ‘A head full of dreams’ was definitely their seventh and final album, there were shout outs of despair all around. That too with no confirmation of some good news from their end. They have however, have been consistent in rolling out singles on collaboration with other eminent pop bands of today like The Chainsmokers.

With tracks like Fix you, The Scientist and Paradise being really common name when people mention Coldplay, the band has quite a number of songs which have been definitely overshadowed by the commercial viability of some of their most popular tracks.

Let’s have a look at some of the lesser know songs by Coldplay which are equally as good as the popular ones:

10. A Message

Coldplay recieved worldwide critical acclaim for the fast and gushing Speed of Sound which was a musical revelation back when X and You was released. The same album also comprised of ‘A message’. This is one of the slower tracks by the Brit band typical off their original genre. Overshadowed by the comparative success of its accompanying tracks, A message still stands as one of Coldplay’s best mellow songs with a soothing guitar pieces at the very end.

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