Top 10 Popular Movie Franchises In Hollywood

Movie franchises are something which always leave a special lasting impression on our hearts. And maybe that is solely because of the wait and anticipation which the good ones make us go through. Some of the best movie franchises have kept eagerly waiting viewers in wait for upto three years, others going on for almost a decade. We watch these movies and over the course of the sequels learn to live the lives of the characters.

Lets have a look at ten of the most popular movie franchises

10. The American Pie series

The American Pie series - Franchises In Hollywood

Since we’re doing most popular series and not list of the best ones in terms of basic movie critiquing, American Pie is famous enough to make it to the list. A total of 8 movies in total including the very latest ‘American Reunion’ released just a couple of years back, this movie franchise is the world’s most popular sex comedy. The initial movie followed Jim Levenstein and his pervy friends as they embark on their journey to come across sexual encounters as they wade their way through high school and college. The series goes for spin offs like Naked Mile and Book of Love but comes back to the original part wrapping it up with the final one.


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