Top 10 Kinkiest Celebs

Everyone has something that turns them on, some type of kinky fantasy or other. It could range from the seriously weird, perverse, really out there fetishes, to the more common ones, ones that tickle more than a few people’s fantasies. But have you ever wondered what your favourite celebs like, what turns them on, what gets them going? If asked about such a topic, a lot of celebs would remain quiet, bashful. But a lot are also quite happy to divulge what turns them on. They have openly discussed their fetishes in interviews, and have often shocked people with what they’ve come out with. People just aren’t expecting these celebs, public figures, to be into such stuff! But quite a few are, quite a few have admitted that they’re super-kinky. Here they are; 10 of the kinkiest celebs out there.

10. Rebel Wilson

Rebel, being the comedy figure she is, you’d think she’d be prone to doing some really weird stuff. She’s pretty out there personality-wise, but in terms of being kinky, what turns her on is actually pretty tame. She’s said she loves to sniff the hair of the men she’s with. That goes for every man she’s with, co-workers and otherwise.

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