Top 10 Hottest Female Hockey Stars

As crude as it may sound, plenty of people watch women play sport solely to ogle at the hot athletes on show. Sure, the sporting prowess of the athletes is also a factor when it comes to making people tune in, but it helps if there are sultry athletes working their magic. Hockey isn’t really one of those sports that’s known for its hot athletes. That’s mainly because the competitors aren’t exactly glamorous on the field or ice. In field hockey they’re wearing mouth guards, shin guards, and in ice hockey, they’re wearing a ton of protective gear. So, their beauty’s not really visible. That’s why when they take off their helmets and remove their mouth guards, people are often shocked, because there are some real stunners in the world of hockey. They’re unexpected stunners, but stunners nevertheless. These are a select few, just 10 of those sultry athletes. Here are the top 10 hottest female hockey stars.

10. Fatima Moreira de Melo

Fatima Moreira de Melo is a blonde bombshell if ever there was one. She plays as a striker for the Dutch field hockey international team. She’s striking not just on the field of play but on the side-lines too, without a hockey stick in her hands. Quite a few people have picked up on that, and she’s become a bit of a TV personality too. She’s also an accomplished singer and has a Master’s degree in Law. She’s got beauty, sporting prowess, and brains too. What a package Fatima possesses.

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