Top 10 Hottest Female Football Players

Football, or soccer depending on where you’re from, is the most popular sport on the planet. People idolise their male football teams, treat their favourite players like gods. Well, now there are some goddesses that people are looking up to. In recent years, women’s football has enjoyed a revival. Its fan base has slowly grown, and it’s now at the point where some of its star players are on par with some of those in the men’s game – I said some, not all. There are some superstars in the women’s game. They’ve gained such popularity, of course because of their footballing prowess, but because of their looks too. Some of the female football players out there can be regarded to be amongst the hottest athletes in the world. They’re that hot, and I’m sure you’ll agree when you set eyes on their sultry pics. You might even begin to follow their teams! These are the 10 hottest female football players from around the globe.

10. Stephanie Catley

The beautiful game is a whole lot hotter when Stephanie Catley is doing her thing on the pitch. The 23-year-old Aussie beauty has been turning heads ever since she first started playing, and today she’s blossomed, into a beautiful woman and as a great defender. She’s a defensive stalwart, probably the most unglamorous position, but Stephanie’s still able to add a whole lot of glamour to proceedings.

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