Top 10 Hottest Current Female Tennis Stars


There’s always been plenty of conjecture about women’s tennis. Should they get the same money, should they play the same number of sets? etc. There’s no disputing the fact that the men draw in the crowds because of their prowess on court. Plenty of people still do watch women’s tennis, but mainly for other reasons. Female tennis players, probably more than any other sportswomen, are regarded to be sex symbols. People tune in and watch them in action because they’re eye candy, because of the hotness on show. That may sound a tad crude, but that’s just the way it is, and a lot of these players know it, play too it, and use that kind of sex symbol status to increase their popularity, gain greater fan followings. Here are 15 players who do just that; 15 of the hottest female tennis players on tour that people love to watch.

10. Caroline Garcia

French beauty, Caroline Garcia, has been propelled into the limelight in recent months off the back of her success at Wimbledon. At Wimbledon, she bowed out in the last 16, losing to British home favourite, Johanna Konta. But the crowd’s reaction was interesting. They most certainly wanted their home player to win, but quite a few were despondent because it meant not seeing Caroline Garcia again at the championships. We certainly will be seeing her again in the future, and hopefully for a lot longer.

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