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Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Chefs

Pick up the remote control, turn on the TV, and you’re guaranteed to see a cooking show of some sort. It’s become a massive thing over recent years, a massive part of our TV culture. There are cooking shows springing up all over the place, and quite often, the presenters are sultry chefs. It’s the perfect combination for networks, broadcasters, and for us; sultry chefs who have the looks, are perfect for TV, and can cook up a storm in the kitchen. People just love their food, love to see it, eat it, love pretty much everything about it. If there’s a hot chef sizzling on screen, making mouth-watering food, well, that’s even better, is bound to get people tuning in. These are 10 chefs who are known for cooking up some heat, not only in the kitchen, but on our screens too.

10. Rachel Khoo

Rachel Khoo - Celebrity Chefs

Rachel Khoo is just vivacious, has a quirky and extremely unique personality, not to mention the obvious – she’s super-hot as well. She randomly decided to get into cooking, and so decided to up sticks and move to Paris where she learnt her craft. That decision was certainly vindicated, and Rachel’s made an almighty success of things. She’s become one of the most-loved TV chefs around, and is regarded to be one of the hottest ones too.

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