Top 10 Hollywood Muscle Men

Nowadays, to be a Hollywood star, you’ve got to look the part. That means, for men anyway, you’ve got to have the body, a lean, ripped, muscular physique. A decade or so ago, there were only a few Hollywood A-listers who were considered to be the muscle men of Hollywood. A lot of these guys are still in the industry, and have become world-famous stars, revered all around the globe for their work on screen. They’ve starred in some iconic movies, movies audiences just want to keep seeing, time and time again. Their build, on screen presence, just mesmerizes audiences, and it’s mostly because of their physiques. Here they are; the top 10 muscle men in Hollywood.

10. Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel’s getting on a bit now, has just entered his 50s, but the Hollywood A-lister is still in terrify shape. He has been pretty much throughout his career, and his muscular build has meant that he’s starred in some of the world’s most iconic movies, and has looked a million bucks doing it. XXX, The Fast and Furious movies, are just a couple of the movies that have made Vin a megastar, loved by millions. He’s a Hollywood hunk alright, and hopefully we get to see him on screen doing his thing for many more years to come.


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