Top 10 Highly Qualified Hollywood Celebrities

Today, we understand that there is a lot of difference that one could make if they identify their talents and skill sets earlier on in life and can take steps towards honing it. But it was not the case more than a couple of decades ago was it?

We recognize Hollywood celebrities by their achievements on celluloid but we rarely know what backstory their coming from. Some of the top celebrities in Hollywood might have come out from really rough backgrounds having no money but their are some who made it all the way through college some really valuable degrees. And not in just film science.

Here is a look at ten qualified Hollywood celebrities!

10. Gerard Butler

Highly Qualified Hollywood Celebrities - Gerard Butler

We know Gerard Butler for a lot of mind blowing roles. Form The Gladiator to P.S. I Love You to The Bounty Hunter, he is an Scottish hear throb and one of the finest actors the industry has seen. But he’s a pretty smart prick as well! The actor attended Law School at the coveted University of Glasgow and practiced law as a ‘Trainee Lawyer’ before he landed his first role. Apparently, sources say that he was fired before he actually could qualify to become a full fledged lawyer. Its good he came into acting anyway.

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