Top 10 Hairy Beautiful Animals We Can’t Help But Love

Animals are an intriguing lot. They can be weird and ferocious.; can invoke love as well as fear. On Mother Earth, there are a whopping 8.7 million number of species and while 2.2 million are in oceans, some 6.5 million species are on land. Today we are going to look at animals that are cute as well as hairy. We are picking up some of our favorite hairy beautiful animals, tell us if we missed your favorite ones. Now let’s bring the count down:

10. Muskox

Muskox - Hairy Beautiful Animals

Perhaps not the most good looking animals on our list but Muskox certainly are among the top hairy beautiful animals that we have on our planet. Primarily found in Greenland and the Canadian Arctic, the Muskox are closely related to the cattle family like goats and sheep. They have large horns and long dark hair that emits a peculiar scent during the mating season.

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