Top 10 Fastest Animals On Earth

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It is kind of funny, and even belittling for the greatest creature on earth which is human runs just 40 miles an hour not even among the list of the fastest animals. Well, I would say it is because of the superb knowledge human has in which with implementation as resulted to the production of vehicles, and lots of transportation medium to ease transportation. Who would want to venture on a long journey while there are vehicles to ease the stress? I guess no one would.
Enough of the human talk!  Let’s move on to the list of our selected

Top 10 Fastest Animals on Earth.


  1. Brown Hare


With such a small size, Brown Hare still made it on the list.  Brown hare are small mammals native to Western Europe and Asia. Brown hares are larger in size than that off rabbits, have longer legs, longer ears and black tips than rabbits. Brown hare can gain maximum speed of 77 km per hour.


The powerful hind legs of brown hare help them to gain speed in short time. They normally runs in straight paths also can change the direction in no time, can maintain speed in zigzag movement. The speedy movement of brown hare help them to escape from large number of natural predators.


  1. Blue Wildbeest


The blue wildebeest, also called the common wildebeest, white-bearded wildebeest or brindled gnu, is a large antelope and one of the two species of wildebeest. They are grass eating mammals native to south and east Africa. They grow up to a height of 1.30 meters. The strong legs and shoulders help Blue Wildbeest to gain speed up to 80 km per hour. The speedy movement helps Blue Wildbeest to find shelters from predators and to make migration easily


  1. Thomson’s Gazelle


The Thomson’s gazelle is one of the best-known gazelles. It is named after explorer Joseph Thomson and is sometimes referred to as a “tommie”. It is another creature in the same category as wildebeests and lions, also capable of running at around 50 miles per hour. Chases between lions and cheetahs and gazelles can be quite intense as a result of the close speed matching. Unfortunately for Thomson’s gazelles, they are the preferred prey of cheetahs, the fastest animal on our list.


  1. Pronghorn Antelope


The pronghorn is a species of artiodactyl mammal indigenous to interior western and central North America. They can run very long distance with speed of 98 km per hour. Unlike other fast moving animals pronghorn Antelope have ability to run fast at the same time can travel long distance without getting tired. Even though cheetahs are faster than that of pronghorn antelope they can never run long distance with same energy as that of pronghorn antelope.


Pronghorn Antelope grows up to a height of three feet; they have very strong legs and shoulders. Pronghorn Antelopes makes 300 miles long migration in different season. They typically chooses bank of rivers and grasslands as migrative destinations.


  1. Sail Fish


Fishes are the fastest animals in the water but in this post we are not only referring to the animals in the water but general speed and distance covered by animals within the space of miles. Sail fish is the fastest fish in ocean native to Atlantic and Indo-Pacific region. They can gain a top speed of 110 km per hour in swimming. Sail fish’s long body shape up to 11 feet help them to to make faster swimming and diving. They chooses warm ocean water ti live, found within surface area of ocean. Sail fishes make use of their faster swimming habit to escape from predator like octopus and dolphin fish.


  1. Cheetah


As you know cheetahs are the fastest animals running on land, can gain a top speed of 113 km per hour. The strong long legs helps cheetahs to gain this speed within no time. Unlike other members of bi cats family cheetahs are small in size and have height of 3 feet.

Cheetahs are native to Africa and Asia, found in open areas. Interestingly the chases for preys by cheetahs meet success within 40 to 60 seconds. Cheetahs make use of their tails to steer right direction of run. Unfortunately number of cheetahs becomes decreases year by year, need to protect this amazing animal group.


  1.  Spur-winged Goose


Sour Winged Goose is the largest group in the goose family native to South Africa, and they made it to the list of the fastest animals, are 40 inches long and weighs up to 8 kg. Spur Winged Goose can flies with maximum speed of 142 km per hour. They are mainly found in wet lands, bank of rivers and likes in Africa.  Sour Winged Goose also make migration ranging to several hundreds of kilometers in different seasons.


  1. Frigate Bird


Frigate Birds are long winged fork tailed ocean birds native to South America. Frigate birds flew as fast as 153 km per hour, blessed by largest wingspan to it’s body weight. They used this fast move to steal food from other ocean birds. Interestingly frigate bird spends most of it’s life span in sky, they used to touch the ground rarely. But they formed nests with strong sticks at the tome of breeding nearest to oceans.

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