Top 10 Defenders In The World Today

Today, the most expensive and important players in football are more or less spanning between Forwards and midfielders wit inane prices beig quoted for the youngest of talents today. However, one cannot argue the case that defenders perhaps hold one of the most important roles in the game

Quite certainly, a game cannot be won by just scoring goals. A teams defense plays a huge role in trying to prevent the opponents from trying the find the back of their net. Protecting one’s own goal is equally important again and some of the best stoppers in the world are presently delivering some scintilating displays of defensive football in the world today.

Lets have a look at the top 10 defenders in Football today

10. Dani Alvez

Barcelona’s iconic Wing back, Dani Alvez has been one of the most lethal right backs of the age for a considerable period of time and was pivotal part of Barca’s treble and quadruple winning seasons under Guardiola and Enriques. The Brazilian who is know for his insane speed down the flanks and impeccable crossing techniques now plays a defensive midfield role down the right hand side for Italian club Juventus.

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