Top 10 Celebs We Can’t Believe Are Moms

A female celebrity has to balance a lot. They want to spend as much time as possible, riding the wave of success, basking in the limelight. That tends to mean that they have to look amazing, utterly fabulous. So, in order to keep this look, many put off starting a family, don’t really want to get pregnant. Being pregnant means taking some time off. It means that the body’s going to change. But there have been some celebs who still look drop-dead gorgeous after giving birth. They managed to shift that post-partum body and get back to looking sizzling hot. It can’t have been easy, but they achieved it, look gorgeous. Looking at them, you’d have no clue that they were ever pregnant, that they’d ever given birth. Kudos to them. Here are 10 celebs we can’t believe are moms.

10. Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff’s still in her 20s, and many people still see her as Lizzie McGuire from that Disney Chanel TV series of the same name. Her career’s progressed hugely since then, and she’s managed to keep things on track after becoming a mom. Hilary’s mommylicious alright, rocks her curves and is one proud momma. Body shamers can’t get her down.

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