Top 10 Big Dog Breeds In The World

What appears is not always the truth. Despite how they look, big dog breeds aren’t always as ferocious as they may seem. They are often friendly, loyal and even submissive. Over the years, people have been searching for the perfect do and some of the top dog breeds are a direct result of that search. So is there a perfect dog? You be the judge of it. Out of the hundreds of breeds found across the planet, here are the top 10 biggest dog breeds:

10. Kangals

Kangals Big Dog Breeds

First up is Kangal, the guardian dogs from Turkey. Often referred to as sheep dogs because they are used for protection of livestock. These dogs are known for being protective by nature, gentle for the most part, extremely agile and powerful, very devoted to the family that rears them. The Kangal has short fur that is light in color along with a black mask on the mouth.

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