Top 10 Bad Boys In The Acting Profession

When people become celebrities, they tend to change. It can be hard not to, to remain grounded. Being a celeb, having all that fame and fortune, has got to change personalities. It’s tricky not to get swept away in it all. Some actors were just originally bad, bad boys so to speak. The term bad boys could account for plenty of different things. It could relate to cheating, trouble with the law, wild partying, or various other past indiscretions. Various things could account for an actor being labelled as a bad boy. It’s also why so many people love them, why they get so many fans – people love a bad boy. Here are 10 actors from around the acting world – not just Hollywood – who, over the years, have gained reputations as being bad boys of their industry.

10. Salman Khan

Let’s start off with some Bollywood. If you were playing a game of top trumps, Salman Khan would win you pretty much every round. He’s arguably the biggest actor in the world right now, is a superstar plain and simple. They guy comes from a filmy family. Pretty much every member of his family is involved in the movie industry in some capacity. He’s therefore enjoyed pretty much his entire life in the limelight, has lead a privileged lifestyle. Some may say that’s made him bratty, very stuck up and arrogant. He’s also had a lot of trouble with the law over the years, and very nearly had a stint in prison. But because of what he does on screen, people can turn a blind eye to all of these indiscretions.

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