Top 10 Actresses Who Keep Getting Kidnapped On Screen

This tends to happen from time to time. When I say time to time, what I actually mean is every other movie, particularly action movies, thrillers, dramas – well, most of the movies out there. There’s usually a damsel in distress moment of some sort – it’s just become part and parcel of today’s cinema. It’s usually the woman who gets kidnapped by the villain, held hostage, until her saviour arrives, defeats the bad guys and rescues the girls. Such moments have become increasingly common. But some actresses find themselves in such predicaments more than others. For some, they play the part of the damsel in distress so much, it’s as if they were made to be kidnapped on screen. It does add to the drama of a movie, of a show, but for these 10 actresses, they must be getting rather sick of it. These are 10 actresses who time and time again, keep finding themselves in peril, kidnapped on screen.

10. Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson, who’s spent most of her movie career portraying the stereotypical hot ditsy blonde, has found herself in peril more than most. Her persona’s just perfect for the role, and in a few of her earlier TV series’, she found herself kidnapped, in some perilous situation or other at the hands of the bad guys, pretty much every other week.

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