10 Youngest Directors To Win Oscars

It is a myth that directors can only be successful if they passed a certain age. More and more young directors are rising in every corner of the world. They are not only experiencing commercial success with their film but are also getting critically acclaimed for the same. Oscars, or the Academy Awards, which is regarded as the epitome of recognition for one’s cinematic performance, has over the years recognized these directors and bestowed them with the prize that every director looks forward to – the ‘Academy Award For Best Director’. Let us take a look at 10 of the youngest people to win the Oscar for best director. Here’s presenting ’10 Youngest Directors To Win Oscars’.

10. Kevin Costner (36 years, 66 Days)

Starting the list at number ten is American actor, director, producer and musician Kevin Costner. The now 62-year-old director won the ‘Academy Award For Best Director’ for his 1990 epic western film Dances With Wolves at the 63rd Academy Awards. At the time of his win, he was just 36 years and 66 days old. He was also the lead actor in the film and was nominated for the ‘Best Actor In A Leading Role’ category too, however, he did not win it. He also won ‘The Best Picture’ Oscar for the same film. Some of his other works are The Untouchables, Bull Durham, The Bodyguard, The Postman, Waterworld, among others.

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