10 Unbelievable Facts About North Korea

North Korea

North Korea

I once wrote about 10 stupid things that are banned in some countries and North Korea was one of those countries and it was the number one country with the most stupid things banned in the world. Today am going to tell you 10 reasons why North Korea is the worst country in the world to live in or even thinking of to visit. North Korea is one of the country that many people do not really understand. The country is like a prison even a prison is more free then North Korea. Do you know that you cannot call North Korea “Korea”, calling the country Korea you are risking your life or you are signing your way to be sentence to life imprisonment. Below are 10 reasons why North Korea is a terrible place to live in.

[10] No Protesting against the Government:

No Protesting against the Government - North Korea

No Protesting against the Government

You should be happy that in your country you are free to speak against your government and protest about what you like and what you don’t like. In North Korea you are not allowed to speak against the Government that is one of the thing that are banned in North Korea. If you are ever caught speaking or trying to speak against the government you are signing your death that moment cause once you get caught you will be killed that moment, no court other will save you, there is no mercy for that. In North Korea they take anything banned seriously.


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