10 Sexiest Game of Thrones Men

Television has over the years given us a plethora of drool-worthy men to check out. And Game of Thrones, the epic TV series that it is, is no different. Since its launch in 2011, we have seen men who have made us go weak in the knees for them. So, let us check out the 10 Sexiest Game of Thrones Men. Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

10. Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa)

Khal Drogo

Starting the list at number 10 is the leader of the Dothraki tribe, Khal Drogo, played by American actor Jason Momoa. As savage as he may appear, there is no denying that he is a treat for the eyes. Whether it is the long braid of hair or the deep dark kohl eyes or even the ornamental beard, everything sets him apart from the other men of the series. And when he drops his pants, lord have mercy!

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