10 Sexiest Game Of Thrones Women

With each season, Game of Thrones is becoming bigger and better than ever before. And its characters are becoming part of cultural icons, with some of them being reasons for drools and adoration from fans. As the seventh season airs now, we take a look at some of the sexiest women that we have come across over the past six seasons. So, here’s presenting for you the 10 Sexiest Game of Thrones Women. Warning: Some major spoilers ahead!

10. Ellaria Sand (Indira Verma)

Ellaria Sand

Staring our list at number 10 is Ellaria Sand, played by Indian-British actor Indira Varma. Vicious, bold and fierce, Ellaria can be as sensuous as cunning. You don’t want to end on the bad side of her. A bastard of House Uller, she made her debut in the fourth season of the show as the paramour of Prince Oberyn Martell. This vengeful woman has been an eye-catcher since her appearance in the show and can surely make men and women go weak in the knees. Her bisexual quotient only adds to her appeal.

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