10 Must Watch Romantic Comedies

Everyone likes to Binge on some movies in their free time. With Amazon prime, torrents, online streaming sites and Netflix, we can never get enough of our favourite entertainment shows.

Now, quite a number of people always suffer from the dilemma of what to watch. Or even what genre of movie to much? Sometimes you want something Romantic but without the mush. Or somethings funny but not borderline inappropriate.

Romantic comedies come as the most refreshing genre of movies today infusing romance with comedies, giving a ‘best of both worlds’ feeling to the viewer. These movies are not rocket science, and are not always necessarily well thought out. What the do guarantee of, how very, is a fun filled binging experience that will retain your smile for quite some time.

Good Luck Chuck (2007)

Good Luck Chuck (2007) - Romantic Comedies

Legend states that every girl who has slept with Charlie a.k.a Chuck (Dane Cook), a dentist by profession, will find her soulmate in the very next person. Something which turned Chuck into a good luck charm. And this very myth has stopped Chuck from sleeping with a girl he hugely crushes on (Jessica Alba). Some scenes in the movie portraying Chuck’s restraint nd his efforts at confirming the myth are downright hilarious accounting for quite a decent watch as romantic comedy. Also, Alba as the pretty but ridiculously clumsy Penguin enthusiast adds to the sizzle quotient.


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