10 Rising Footballers Who Will Dominate The Game

Easily one of the most cultured games in the world, the footballing world has no end to fresh talent waiting to enter the big stage and make a mark there. With Ronaldo and Messi dominating the game, recognition of young players do seem to be a bit too much in their shadows. But that has not been a source of concern for these budding footballers as they have continued to keep on making a mark even with the limited playing time they normally get.

And with the transfer prices on an all time exponential increase, these players with huge potential prospect are being sold at immensely crazy prices.

Here’s a look at at some of the top prospects of football pitched in to take the Messi/Ronaldo position soon enough!

10. Pablo Maffeo

Although the Spanish right back woes are safe now in the hands of Dani Carvajal, Pablo Maffeo is one prospective and talented right-back which the Spaniards will have at their disposal. The Manchester City recruit currently playing out on loan for Girona FC is one lightning fats right back who can also do a share bit of dribbling as well. The 20 year old is expected to flourish far at Girona before being brought back to the Ettihad to train under Guardiola.

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