10 Priciest Postcodes In The UK

The UK, especially the nation’s capital, London, is known for being a pretty expensive place to live. Prices are continuously getting steeper, and it’s become known, especially with the current government in power, as a place for the rich. Those on moderate salaries are getting priced out of certain areas. Young adults are finding it impossible to get on the property ladder, and the rich are buying up houses by the dozen. It’s had the effect of making some areas of the country seriously expensive. These 10 are pretty much exclusive postcodes; most people can’t even dream about owning a property in one of these areas. Here are 10 of Britain’s priciest postcodes.

10. Kensington, W8

Let’s face it, the capital’s always going to be home to the nation’s priciest postcodes. And in the capital of London, there’s a certain region that’s known for being ridiculously pricy. West London and South West London are home to some of the priciest properties on the planet. Talking specifically about Kensington, it’s home to a place called ‘Billionaires Row.’ That just about says it all. The area’s average property price is a cool £5m. Luxury apartments and mansions can be found in the area, and if you can get your hands on that amount of cash. your neighbours are likely to be high-profile celebs, or even royalty.

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