10 Pics Of Non-Indian Celebs Who Totally Rocked The Saree

People love it when others across the other side of the globe, from other walks of life, embrace their culture. Those in India, the subcontinent, and around the world for that matter, look to the West, especially Hollywood, for inspiration. A lot of these A-list celebs living the glamorous life are fashion icons, and the women are fashionistas, people look to for style and fashion tips. It’s enamouring to see that these celebs are also open to trying different things. They’re so beautiful, they have no trouble pulling off that Indian look. They’ve looked to the fashionistas of Bollywood, and look absolutely amazing draped in traditional Indian garments, the saree. Here are 10 non-Indian celebs who look absolutely stunning in Indian wear, who totally rocked the saree.

10. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is someone who could relate to, get on with anyone. Put her in a room with someone, and she’ll befriend them, she’s just that type of person. So, when she visited India, it’s no surprise she befriended an entire nation. Everyone fell in love with her and her charming ways, and people just loved the fact she embraced the culture, wearing a bindi and a saree. It suited her beautifully, and she certainly rocked that look.

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