Top 10 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World

Smartphones have significantly becomes one of the most important requisites of the modern day with these devices offering all sorts of convenience with just one touch on a screen. The smartphone market is constantly on the rise with more and more tech giants trying to incorporate the best possible features in their products.

However, a lot of these technologically advanced gizmos require shelling out a huge amount of money. We all know of Apple Inc. and their expensive iPhone line up of smartphones sporting the best in class specifications but that is not where the prices take a halt. There is an extensive collection of luxury smartphones rolled out by tech companies which are prices enormously high on account of either features or an immensely superior outlook.

Lets have a look at 10 of the most expensive smartphones in existence today

10. Mobiado Grand Touch Executive – $3,100

Mobiado Grand Touch Executive - $3,100 - Expensive Smartphones

Today, protecting your smartphone is one very important requisite with people spending a lot of money buying cases and screen protectors for their handheld devices. However, the Grand Touch by Mobiado makes that look unnecessary.This smartphone is one hardy device with shell covering made available in Marble, Ebony, Granite, Cocobolo and Burl patterns. On the specification front, the device as a 4.65 inch touchscreen display, 16 GB onboard memory, 1 GB RAM and runs on Android O.S.

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