10 Hottest Male K-Pop Groups You Should Listen to

K-Pop is an extremely popular genre making it all the more hard for people to make it to the top of the industry. The genre had its origin in South Korea and its inspired by a range of style that includes rock, jazz, folk, hip-hop, country, etc. The K-Pop industry is at its peak right now, and it’s worth millions of dollars. Therefore, today we are going to look at the top male K-Pop groups and learn about their journey and some of their achievements.

Check out these 10 hottest male K-Pop groups:

10. NCT

NCT band - male K-Pop groups

Neo Culture Technology or better known as NTC is the first band on our list and this boy band is formed by S.M. Entertainment which is an entertainment company from South Korea. Its a pretty unique group because the idea is to have an unlimited number of members in the group. It has successfully prompted a number of subgroups like the NCT U, NCT 127, NCT #127, and NCT Dream.

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