10 Lesser Known Facts Abut Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is often hailed as the Best Player of Our Generation by footballs pundits and this particular statement has rarely undergone any amount of doubt. The Argentine Master is perhaps of one of the singular most talented players the game has ever seen which he has proved time and time again for his National team and of course, his club, FC Barcelona. The five time Ballon d’Or winner has numerous trophies to his names including multiple Champions League and domestic league titles among so many others.

The forward, known for his insanely crazy close control and nimble footwork is a definite delight to watch on the field even inspite of the fact that he is approaching the age of 50. The Argentina and current Barcelona skipper is almost as good as worshipped by sports fans around the world,= but there are quite a number of things about him that most people still do not know.

Here are ten snippets of some lesser known things about Lionel Messi

10. Messi is a foodie to the core!

Apart from his love for football, Messi is a huge foodie by heart. The Argentine superstar absolutely loves to eat and that has been his habit since his early days. He had a special training regime in his young days where he was promised Argrntine confections as a rewards for every time he scored a goal. Messi’s favourite cuisine is said to be Barcelona Mavin and the forwards;s favourite dish Escalope Milanese. He was known as ‘Star of Porcelein’ once owing to his occasional, unhealthy food habits.

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