10 Lesser Known Fact About Cristiano Ronaldo

Everyone in the world with has heard of Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo someway or the other, even it wasn’t related to football. Footballs biggest icon and arguably one of the two best players in the world is a complete monster when it comes to the game.

Fact About Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese born athlete is considered the most hardworking player of the game and that has reflected in his decade long footballing career which is still going strong. At 33, he is fit as a fiddle and very well in contention to win his fifth Balon d’Or  this coming December.

Ronaldo’s life was documented in the bipic which was made on him. However, a lot of mind boggling facts about this sensational footballer were missed out there.

Here are ten less known facts about Cristiano Ronaldo you should definitely know if you’re his fan.

10. He was known as the ‘little bee’ in his childhood days

He was known as the 'little bee' in his childhood days - Fact About Cristiano Ronaldo

Since the beginning of his playing days, Ronaldo was known for speed and acceleration in his game. It seems that it was so from the very beginning.

At the age of eight, Ronaldo started playing at a local club called Andorinha where his father, Dinis Aveiro was the kit man. He was a lanky kid who was really fast from the beginning itself which earned him the nickname ‘Albelinha’ which meant ‘little bee’ signifying his swift movements comparing it to a bee’s.

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