10 Hottest Wrestling Divas We’d Love To See Back In Action

This article will cause those wrestling fans amongst you to tilt your heads back and recollect about the good old days. That’s not to say that wresting today isn’t good. It’s just that in today’s day and age, it’s a more family-orientated means of entertainment. Back in the day it was anything but. During that era around a decade ago, women were basically picked up by promotions to be sexualised. I’m not saying that was a good thing, a lot of women hated it themselves, but it drew in the fans, got millions watching. There were some seriously raunchy storylines, and we got to see many hot divas in action, strut their stuff in the ring. Most were in the industry because of their looks, and a select few had the entire package; were sizzling hot and talented too, had the beauty and the skills to pay the bills. That was one glorious era in the world of wrestling – there’s unlikely to be another period like it. But we still have those memories, are still able to recollect with fondness. It’ll probably never happen, but we can all cross our fingers and hope that these sultry wrestling divas will once again grace the wrestling ring with their presence.

10. Sable

Sable’s a diva who’s frequently bared all for the cameras. Unsurprisingly she started off life a beauty pageant contestant, then went on to model before achieving worldwide fame in wrestling. Whilst in wrestling, she continued to model, and became known as one of the sultriest divas around.

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