10 Hottest Athletes You Didn’t Know About

The world of sport throws up some unexpected surprises. Of course, we watch sports to watch the sporting prowess of the competitors on show, to see a great spectacle. But sometimes, we get to feast our eyes on a spectacle of another sort. There are tonnes of female athletes out there, competitors who are known for their beauty as much as for the sports they play. Some play sports which are watched on a global scale. These are athletes everyone knows about. But what about athletes from sports that might not get as much worldwide coverage? There are some stunning female athletes around the world; these are 10 that you probably didn’t know about.

10. Allison Stokke

American track and field athlete, Allison Stokke, created quite a stir around a decade ago when she first started to compete. Her face began to get picked up, and pretty much overnight, she achieved a great deal of fame.  That’s not really due to anything else other than her beauty. Her male fanbase grew exponentially from then on in, and she’s become one of the most loved athletes on the planet. Initially, Allison was rather shy, didn’t take to this newfound fame. She wasn’t happy being sexualised, but got used to it, has embraced it, and it’s since opened up plenty of doors for her.

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