10 Highest Waterfalls On Our Planet

Waterfall are natural marvels. They are nature‚Äôs gift to humanity; they need to be taken care of and appreciated. In his post, we are covering, the highest waterfalls in the world and by the terms “highest” or “tallest” we are indicating to the vertical drops of the falls. It’s probably worth mentioning that the list won’t include, underwater falls. Right, so let’s dig in:

10. Browne Falls

Height: 836 meters

Browne Falls - highest waterfalls

Source of the Browne Fall is Lake Browne and it’s located in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand. It one of the two highest falls in the country. Discovered in the 1940s, by the pioneering aerial photographer, Victor Carlyle Browne, the fall is spectacular to look at. Two other notable nearby falls are the Helena Falls and Lady Alice Falls.

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