10 Famous Celebrity Insomniacs

In today’s day and age, people are finding it increasingly difficult to get in their forty winks. We’re recommended at least eight hours of sleep a day – many people find that nigh on impossible. Technology is partly to blame. We have everything, all the information we could possible want at our fingertips, and so getting to sleep can be tricky. Our phones buzz in the night, and we have to get up and check it out, respond to messages etc. That’s partly the reason. But we struggle to sleep mainly because we just lead busy lives. A lot of us lead hectic lifestyles – there’s just too much to get done in the day and not enough time to do it. That’s why it’s sleep that tends to get sacrificed. It becomes such a problem, that even when wanting to get to sleep, it’s incredibly hard to drift off. There are plenty of celebrity figures who have this issue. They lead busier lives than most, and engage in other activities, and so many find it tricky to get in a decent amount of sleep at the end of the day. Some have found sleep so hard to come by, they’re deemed to be insomniacs – a chronic difficulty in falling asleep. These are 10 famous celebrities who are self-confessed insomniacs.

10. Madonna

It’s remarkable that Madonna is approaching her 60s. What’s even more remarkable is that she’s still very much in the limelight, and that her creative mind is able to whirr on only a couple of hours sleep a night. Yes, you read that correctly. Madonna leads a busy lifestyle, so her schedule’s packed during the day. Her creativity is best at night, so that’s when she plans performances, writes songs etc. It means that the singing sensation only gets two hours kip a night. It’s amazing she’s still able to function and put on mind-blowing performances.

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