10 Facts About Steve Jobs You Never Knew

Today, Apple is a household name owing to the huge popularity of the technology used by them making them one of the biggest tech firms in the world. And Steve Jobs, who is widely hailed as the pioneers behind Apple’s success and the much coveted iPhone line-up is considered nothing less than a revolutionary when I comes to coming up with game changing business ideas In the market.

But Jobs journey from the streets to the CEO’s desk was necessarily a really smooth one as he had to undergo truckloads of hardships, make the toughest of decisions and suffered the worst of days to get there.

Let’s have a look at ten facts about Apple co-founder and former CEO Of Pixar, Steve Jobs which you probably never knew before.

10. Steve Jobs was part Syrian

Steve Jobs was part Syrian - Facts About Steve Jobs

Most people, after looking at Jobs, would never even guess this one. But it’s true. Jobs’s biological father was Abdulfattah “John” Jandali, a Syrian born Muslim. His birth mother,  Joanne Schieble, was a Catholic lady of Swiss and German descent.

However, owing to the fact that Steve was an unplanned arrival, as a baby, he was adopted by his foster parents Paul and Clara Jobs who named him.

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