10 Crazy Soccer Records Of Today

Sports is something which we all love to follow, with almost everyone in the world being the enthusiast of some or the other sport in their lives. Association Football or Soccer is something, the majority of the world is a fan of. The biggest game of the planet has given rise to the best of talents ever, treating us to delightful 90 minutes of the beautiful game.

Now throughout the lifespan, and the past of course ,we have seen and heard of some of the most astonishing footballers who have proved their superiority in the game time and time again. With statisticians being one of the key people in the sports back end industry of today, keeping track of records have been more or less easier and much more accurate.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 soccer records in existence today.

10. Most goals by a single player in a match- Archie Thompson

Most goals by a single player in a match- Archie Thompson - Crazy Soccer Records

In April 2001, there was a qualifying match for the 2002 FIFA World Cup between the Australian and American Samoa national football teams which was a world record match as the Aussies cliched the match with a 31-0 victory. Australian forward Archie Thompson broke the world record for the most number of goals i a single match by netting 13 times in 90 minutes. A feat which is still unmatched and it looks that its gonna stay that way for some time.

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